Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Internets, Meet my Cheeks

Don't you just hate it when you essentially pin a sign to your forehead for all of the internets to see that says, "I'M A MORON AND A COMPLETE NUTBAG?"

We bought Cortland a new Britax Frontier 85 car seat so Peapod can have Cortland's Britax Boulevard since Peapod's now 30" and can't be in his infant seat any longer. (Yay Peapod! What a way to grow!) Alan and I hooked the new seat up with the LATCH system and it wiggled all over the place. It didn't just wiggle - it W~I~G~G~L~E~D. We decided then and there the seat was a big piece of junk and stomped back into the house to start all over again with researching seats and checking if others had this problem. (I stomped, Alan skipped. He's an even-tempered sort of fellow)

All I could find (again) were raves about how great this seat was. Liars.

So instead of thinking, "Hmmmm, could it be me?" I stopped all research and posted a review of the seat on BabiesRus. Yup. Right then and there I decided that this seat was horrible and all of the other millions of peeps who loved this seat must have just fallen off of the turnip truck and didn't love their children and had no idea that they were traipsing all over the kingdom with a w~i~g~g~i~l~y booster seat and what is wrong with them!

And then I found this website HERE.

And then (and this is the biggie) THIS. It's a review of the Frontier 85. Boring to those who didn't just buy one of these POS. Except there's this little sentence toward the bottom that changed my world. It says that LATCH isn't to be used if a kid weighs more than 40 lbs. Whaaaaa?????

So the seat wrestling begins again. And here's where I showed my ass to the internets. I finally picked up that handy book Britax supplied in the box with the seat. I didn't know there was this  little block that flips out from the bottom to stabilize the whole shebang. A sort-of important clue as to why the seat was a tiny big moveable the 1st go-around.

I wrote to BabiesRus begging them to please not post my review, that Car Seat Install Fever is real and it's treatable with the right medication.


Brightfield Farm said...

SNORT!!!! BEEN there many many (manymanymany) times. You guys are cute trying to do mechanical stuff without Jim. I love you.

Brightfield Farm said...

also...i just tried to do the captcha. I could not read the first thing. I made it talk. IT SCARED ME SO BAD I AM GETTING NIGHTMARES TONIGHT AND I AM AFRAID TO LOOK BEHIND ME. WHAT THE HELL? Why does it sound so scarry?!??? I HATE that thing. it isn't a voice it is a spooky icky thing. ANd i couldnt understand it either!!!