Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Binky Detox

So about the time we get the sleep thing licked I come up with the bright idea to mix it up again.

We are getting off the Binky. I say we because this is a whole family Binky Detox. The baby is making sure that if he has to suffer then we allllll have to suffer! Nights aren't as bad as naps. Once he falls asleep at night he's down until 7:30. Nap time, however, he has decided this whole Binky-less thing sucks and he's having none.of.it!

So for the last two days the poor child has been walking around with red-rimmed eyes and is crabby like a snowcone without a cup. And I didn't think he'd been here long enough to have hidden Binky's all over the house, but I found another one in the chair this morning. He's a smart cookie and I bet he anticipated this whole thing.

And PS - Peapod will now be known forever and always as Sticky. He is the stickiest kiddo I have ever seen and I think he's taken to heart the natural hair conditioning properties of mayonaise and peanut butter. So Sticky it is, and Sticky it stays!


bridge said...

Emma could give Sticky some tips on the whole food for hair styling products thing. She's perfected it in her 5 years of experimenting. Whoa that girl's hair can give off some crusty! But it's kind of funny in a really disgusting way, right?

Brightfield Farm said...

Shaking things up my sweet patootie. You are a BRAVE woman...