Friday, December 24, 2010

Putting Together the Toys

I'm so excited for tomorrow morning that I can hardly stand it!!!!!

So I was sent to my mom's suitcase to find her camera battery charger and what do I find instead? $47.82 (mostly dimes and pennies) in change in a sandwich bag. Weirddddddddd. Usually I try not to mention when my mom is visiting in case some robber just happens to be traipsing through Kingman, KS, comes across my blog and thinks, "Hmmm, what an marvelous opportunity to steal some Celine Dion DVD's and a few million bottles of bath soaps."

Well now that I know my mom emptied her piggy bank before heading south, I don't feel nervous at all to say what a great time we've been having! But I do understand better my dad's constant complaints when he had to lift her suitcase.