Saturday, September 29, 2012


Our little visitor has had a few sleep issues, but *fingers crossed* things are on the upswing. He just did a little cry, which, three days ago, would have morphed quickly into a BIG cry, but seems to have settled himself back down in a few seconds. Shock! So excited. Maybe I won't have to sleep on the floor next to the crib tonight.

He's such a sweet baby. We're learning sign language and he's doing great with "more." I'm also trying to get him to put his sippy cups back on the table when he's done. Heh, a girl can dream!

ETA: Peapod slept all night! Without me on the floor! Yay Peapod!

Monday, September 24, 2012


They are cute so we will continue to feed them in the morning.

We have _____ (no blog name yet) in our house right now because Marla has Strep. _____ (no blog name yet) misses his Mommy (our niece) and his Great Grandma (Alan's Mom.) (Now Marla, don't get in your car and swoop over here. We'll be there at 1, promise!) (And he's eating breakfast right now and talking up a storm, so no lasting harm from missing his girls.)

_____ (no blog name yet) got a pretty good nights sleep as long as I held him in the rocker all night long. I think I slept a little because 7am seemed to come pretty quickly. I forgot how nights with a baby was. Oh, wait, I didn't have nights with a baby. I had nights with Cortland and he was a sleeping champion.

I love this baby. I love his smile and his giggle and yes, even his crying. He's so precious. It's good to have a little one in the house again.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A little heat stroke never hurt anyone

The sky is calling me. The stars, oh how they twinkle. The breeze. The blessed breeze. I am tempted to sleep in a tent in the backyard.

So the stars aren't visible in Dallas and there is no breeze. But at least the air is cooler outside than in. How can that be, you ask? It's midnight and 81°, you say? Well let me just tell you, OUR FRIGGING AIR-CONDITIONER BROKE. DEAD. DIED. GONNOROONI TO THE GREAT A/C CLOUD IN THE SKY.

And to make matters worse, being TX and all and hot like the devil's feet in wool socks, we only have screens on 1/3 of our windows. People don't need screens as they never open windows. Ever. It's still 80ยบ in December for heavens sake. That's cool enough to have the heater on! I would rather boil in my own sweat than let a spider sneaky-sneak into my happy home. Not that opening the windows that are screened has helped, as there is. no. breeze in this God-forsaken desert.

Box fan? What is this you speak of? The last one I saw was pulled from Tanya's attic for us to use when the air went out in Memphis. Jinxed! We're jinxed and I don't mind telling you that I think it runs in the family much like mental illness. (Not that we're all half a dip shy of plumb. Please don't come storm the castle all you crazy Roehl/Anderson peeps)

My Mom hit a donkey at 65 mph last week - the same week our water heater broke. Yeah, you heard me. Cold bathes for 5 days last week (did you see my slip in that my Mom Hit A Donkey? How does that happen? So random!) And this week my Mom's huge, finished basement flooded 2 inches deep because her furnace sprung a leak. Hideously horrible bad luck has befallen the Gunn girls this month.

Off to eat more ice cream. Mom, you with me? What do we want? ICE CREAM. When do we want it? NOW!

(I totally taught that chant to Cortland Monday, but with pancakes)

PS - Yes her furnace sprung a leak. It's some fancy highfalutin water heated machine with the obvious lifespan of 8 years. We know this because that's when her last major flood happened.

PPS - I bet Donkey Heaven is air-conditioned.

PPPS - No, not serious about the tent thing. Please refer to paragraph 3.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Swimming and Knitting

Private swim lessons went great! Cortland kicked his legs and jumped off the side AND he said he's excited to go back next week. Yay!

And The Hungry Caterpillar Blanket is finished.

The Front:

The Back: