Thursday, December 20, 2007


I got my hair cut!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My World Has Been Redefined

Nobody Does it Like Sarah Lee!

I wish I had a picture of the truck we saw at Waffle House today. It was a Sarah Lee delivery truck and I learned something that tilted the earth on it's axis (more than the normal tilt). It shouldn't have been so monumental, but sometimes you just don't get to choose what has meaning and what doesn't.

The slogan is actually Nobody Doesn't Like Sarah Lee. What marketing genius created a slogan with double negatives??? Who thought that was a good idea? The same guy who made "You've got mail" and "I'm lovin' it" household terms??? Are these idiots from Memphis???

I just feel dumber knowing the real Ode to Sarah Lee jingle.
It's a Saturday morning and I'm just hanging out here with my Egg-Nog Latte, looking around and silently listing all I would like to get done today.
  1. Take Grace to the groomer.
  2. Stop by the Christmas store and get the neighbors each an ornament for the Christmas get-together.
  3. Print the invitations to the Christmas get-together so the neighbors know about it.
  4. Decorate the tree.
  5. Hang up the clothes that are draped over the chair arm next to me.
  6. Wrap presents.
  7. Figure out how to get my mom to move to Memphis. (Other than having 6 babies!)
  8. Maybe, if I'm good, go to the bookstore.
It's going to be a great weekend!

I got to go out with girls last night. I still haven't met many friends here. We went shopping, ate dinner and drank margaritas. I had not much margarita. We were in Olive Branch, MS and I needed to be able to drive home.

I am so grateful Alan got me a car with GPS. I would be in Louisiana by now, kidnapped and flying down the bayou on a swamp boat looking for the Devils Eye with Teddy, without it. My North/South/East/West is no good out here.

Now the song Someone's Waiting For You is in my head. The one at the end of side A on the LP record version. The sad song. Great. Now I'm crying.

I love that this is a government website. I imagine a little man with a Casio keyboard on his lap and his monkey in a tiny red suit and hat are sitting somewhere in Washington recording music for this website. And getting paid to do it. Just think, there is a line somewhere in the big ol' US budget called Electric Keyboard Children's Music for Website - $521,670.00. The children don't have books in the schools, but don't cut the Elevator Music Budget! We neeeeeed that!

Monday, December 3, 2007

She wants bacon.

Grace whispered bacon to Santa yesterday. Bacon grease. Bacon soup. Bacon fat. Cooked bacon. Bacon bits. Raw bacon.