Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Good List

The marble bathtub. I told Alan when we redo the master bath we are going to have to design around the bathtub with the perfect slope for cars (and barbies) to wing down the back like a water slide.

I LOVE the ice dispenser. Not because I actually eat ice (ick, of the devil, ice cream headache without the yumminess), but because Cortland thinks I'm a magic princess when I push the button and frozen bits come raining down on his head. He is entertained for 15 minutes trying to pick up slippery bits (and shhhh, put them in his mouth - don't tell CPS) and I get a clean floor by mopping up the melty spots. Win! Win!

Grace's Do-You-Want-to-Go-to-Your-Room? room is far, far away from Cortland's bedroom and behind two doors for maximum not going to wake the baby with her barking and have to be shaken Memphis-styleness. *gassssspppppp, big breath*
So much less stress knowing I don't feel like beating the dog because she is yelling at an evil cotton ball. We have a no-bark machine coming the 26th. Maybe then we can watch TV again. It's the kind that makes the high-pitched sound not a shock collar.

The kitchen faucet took a little getting used to , but now I love it. The head is also the sprayer and water shoots out hard enough to peel paint. I fell in total love with it when it cleaned out a 1/2 full can of tomato paste in 2.1 seconds.

I have lots and lots of cabinets So many cabinets I routinely loose things in the kitchen. It's great! (As routinely as someone who's only been here a week.)

Cortland can go play in his room all by himself. No stairs = wander in and play with trains whenever he wants.

And the bad stuff? No Tanya next door. I miss her.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving In - Day 5

I've spent the last three days moving large items (eg. huge packages of paper towels and toilet paper because Alan had to get a Costco membership to support his rampant nut cluster habit. Thanks David) from one unacceptable in the way place to another in the way place, neither of which is it's new home. Rat in a maze. Rat in a maze. I feel just like a rat in a maze.

Today I have big plans. I'm going to eat powdered donuts and contemplate my navel.