Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last Week

Cortland and I are home from KS. We brought Alan rain and Cortland a 104ยบ temp. He's fine. Kids are resilient.

I haven't written about the reason we were in KS, yet. It's just been too hard of a subject to bring up. And I've also not wanted to make it seem like I thought it was about me. You know, when people whoa-is-me when something bad didn't even happen to them, but they want the sympathy?

A girlfriend and her husband lost a baby to SIDS two weeks ago and I went to the funeral. I am glad the family let unfamily attend.

I had never met the little boy, but I know his mom quite well, and she and her husband had waited for this baby for 9 years. The parents have a strong faith in God and right now seem to be handling things okay. Numbness helps.

While in KS, Cortland and I got to catch up with some of my old friends. We stayed the night with Dustin and Kristin Menzies and spent lots of time at Tasha Sears house with her and her kids. C had so much fun. Me too.

We stayed with my mom the rest of the week and popped over to Protection, KS to visit Andi Blair Dale Saturday. I haven't seen her is 100 years.

The End