Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wrapped Around His Finger

When he cries he looks just like the very 1st day; the very 1st minute he was born. God, he's got it all over me it's not even funny. Twist Mommy, twist!

Some Kids Eat the Stangest Things

Cortland loves Thai and Japanese food.

Alan cracks me up!

We have to work harder at not laughing when disciplining or he's going to know who's really the boss in this family.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Thank you Kooistras for Blue Buster. C still loves it.

Aunt Jeannie, can you hear the bug singing? He pulls it around all day long. He loves his bug!

Lilly and Kiwi came over to play today. We had lots and lots of fun.

What We've Been Up To This Summer

First of all, Cortland wanted me to tell you he loves you all THIIIISSSSSS much!

This is the coolest park ever. See all of that wood? It goes up and down and to slides and rings and tunnels and tire swings... A kid could get lost in there if he wasn't wearing a neon yellow shirt. Phew, thank goodness we just happen to have one.

We went to Nash Farms in Grapevine, TX to milk cows and pet chickens, but I couldn't get C away from the tractors and farm implements. Gee, who here is surprised?

Here he is doing his serious KS farmer face. He totally has it down. And those who know, doesn't his expression look like my dads?

Sometimes I take Cortland to the local kid cage along with the other moms who just. need. a. break.

Only kidding. It's called The Tubes. It's like a really big Chik-Fil-A playground, or a really small Going Bonkers, which is another place we've been, but I was afraid to take pictures. There were so many kids at Going Bonkers I was afraid the patients were about to take over the asylum.

Daddy and Cortland finding animals in the clouds.

Concentrating REALLY hard.

And laughing a whole bunch!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I want to vent and throw things and yell profanities, but Carroll's husband, and hopefully someday Carroll, will read this post and I want to keep things as positive as possible. It's a raging war in my head between emotions and conventionality.

Carroll (Kiwi) has brain cancer. It's a level/grade IV astrocytoma. Hers was a primary tumor, meaning it started in her brain, not metastasized from somewhere else in her body. It was removed last Wed and the doctor said he got it all. They estimate it grew to the size of a ping-pong ball in less than 6 months.

Brain cancer rarely spreads to other parts of the body. I guess it figures it's found the Holy Grail with the brain, and it's doesn't have to look any further. She has already started chemo and will continue for 6 months. She starts 6 weeks of radiation the beginning of August.

She has been a trooper through all of this. As she says, "It is what it is." . She says she's scared which to me means she's got her wits about her. I would have been more worried if she wasn't. She is enjoying her daughter and husband and is just taking it easy.


Would it have killed the builder to spend an extra $5k to make smooth walls as opposed to these stupid knock-down textured walls? I mean seriously, it would be an extra $5 per mortgage payment for whoever initially bought the house. But for me to fix these stupid bumpy-ish walls? Out of pocket, baby. Poopheads.

And bumpy ceilings, too? What else are they going to throw at me? Suckerfish.

In my best Barbie voice; Painting texture is harrrrrd!