Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ode to Pippin

During the day, Pippin hangs out doing his job of Trash Collector while blending in with the pebbles on the bottom on the tank. I play Where's Waldo every single day looking for the Pippin.

But at night, Pippin is a wild disco-king in his own little disco-king world. If Pippin was a bird he'd be a bat! He's the little cutie-pie in the back swimming up and down; up to the corner and then Swoooop, back to center stage. Doesn't he look like his little tail is just a-wagging away in glee? Pure, unadulterated glee! I love him.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

For Corie!

Here are my cousins. Corie is the cute little blonde in front. Her sister, Shanda, is the slightly taller blonde in back. And that darling and quite becoming brunette? Well, that's me!
Now the way Corie tells it Shanda and I always picked on her.
I'm not sure I buy the story she tells that we tied her up and stuck her between the bed and the wall and then left her there. Why would we do that? I'm so ashamed...

And here we are again. Corie is that little one in front.
Shanda now has a daughter that looks exactly like she does in this picture. It's like Shanda has a laboratory in the basement and has been secretly working on a cloning project.

Hmmm, that sheds a whole new light on the twins she (supposedly) birthed...

If there wasn't enough pairs of rollerskates for everyone, we would share. This meant one person would get a left skate and the other would get a right. And then the skating, in rapid circles, in opposite directions would commence.

We must have looked like we were on crack.

I Iwish I could see the skates on my feet, because I think they're the pair with metal wheels that the kid who drew the short straw always had to wear.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Brat Pack

Pretty in pink....

Progressively Sloshed

The Christmas thing with the neighbors was lots of fun. We started at our house and had champagne punch.

Then on to Frank and Vergie's for salad and bourbon.

Then back to our house for chicken and wine.

And finally to Martha and Perry's for dessert and Irish Coffee.

(Can you see where I'm going with this?)

The only thing missing was Jim and Tanya. They had to go out of town for family stuff. They were very missed.