Friday, June 21, 2013

Messaging Between Me and a Newishly Old Friend

Ciara, Lauren and I had a previous conversation about gifts and I told her I give everyone yarn. (I would too, if it meant it would be regifted back to me!) I guess we never got to the explanation and Lauren didn't realize knitting is my thing.

Lauren: Hey upcoming birthday girl!! What are your favorite color combinations? Or what colors do you find you wear a lot? Reds, oranges, blues, greens, pinks, blacks... Throw me a bone or you will be getting yarn for your birthday!

Me: Oh Lauren, if you only knew...
I am sooo addicted to the show Hoarders. The one I just watched had a daughter who wanted to throw away 10 boxes of yarn and her mother told her that if she did - they were through. Sadly, I'm siding with the mother on this one. Even after I saw the dead mice in the yarn stash, I side with the mother. Lord help me.
I'm a knitter to the core. I currently have 8 projects on needles right now. I know that if it ever becomes necessary to hide yarn purchases from Alan, one of the best places is in the arms of his suit jacket since he never wears it.
All that to say, if yarn came to me for my birthday I would throw it on the bed and roll all over it like catnip.