Friday, November 30, 2007

Time for a Book Review! Yay!

I've always been fascinated by fairy tales. Not the Disney, watered down version of fairy tales, but the original, twisted version of a story told to warn children - and sometimes adults - about the not so gentle wide, wide world.

~~Interrupting the book review for an impromptu movie review~~

If you haven't seen Enchanted, then go! It's like how a cartoon would actually be in real life. Oh my gosh. I laughed, I cried, I was grossed out about roaches in the bathtub. I mean, even Disney can't make roaches endearing.

Anyway, make sure you sit behind two four year old little girls in the theater because they will totally enhance the experience. They're still young enough to giggle unabashedly at the things the dippy (and incredibly handsome) (and quite stupid) prince says. Or sit next to Ciara and Carroll. Same experience. We had so much fun!

~~Back to Book Review~~

Well now I'm just too wore out to give the wonderful book the review it deserves. Poop.

The Book of Lost Things by John Conolly is wonderful. It's what I thought Pan's Labyrinth should have been - only better. So much better. This book revisits many of the fairy tales I only thought I knew. When you read this book, know that the Snow White part is my favorite.

Blah blah blah. Read this book. The middle is really good. (I can't think of what to say, so here's a picture)
The ending left me wanting more, but not in the annoying way that some books do. You know the book endings I'm talking about. The ones where the author carefully plans all of these wonderful twists and turns to a story, and you end up falling in love with the characters and then WHAM! The main character suddenly turns into a bagel and the story ends with no explanation at all. Yeah, this book doesn't do that. This book makes you want to foist it off on family and friends as Christmas presents.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I don't love shopping. If I'm going to force myself to shop I have to be in the right mood.

We are going to my in-laws for Thanksgiving and I don't want my mother-in-law to think her son married a crazy religious nut who believes women should only be seen wearing slacks and skirts and little doilies on her head.

In 1 1/2 hours I managed to buy 5 pairs of jeans, a really cute shirt and a pair of boots. The boots were a cheer-me-up-because-I-am-shopping treat.

Pretty, new boots with pointy toes:

I almost got these oddly appealing brown elf-like boots with the strangely turned up toes. These are not to be mistaken for boots that the totally hot Legolas would wear, but more like boots that Hermey, the disillusioned elf; who just doesn't know his place in life elf; who eats yellow snow elf, would be sporting around in Santa's kingdom. It's in the movie, promise. Not making it up.

Legolas because, well, just because.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Question of the Day

ETA: Dustin was asking for my input on a topic he was discussing earlier that day with some friends of his. He wasn't calling me sexy.

The question of the day is posed by Dustin:
Ok, if someone told you that you were "sexy" would your initial reaction be that the person thought you were physically attractive, or that your attitude was "sexy"?
My answer:
First I would think EWWWWWW! because the only person at my work that would say that is ******* and he totally gacks me out. ***shudder***

I would say sexy is physically attractive. But to me it's a package deal. When I feel sexy I tend to look sexy. And vice versa. I can't look sexy in my really long brown, corduroy skirt. I look cute and very Banana Republic, but not sexy. Even if I did the sexy hair and sexy walk, yeah, the sexy is just not going to happen.

Now a simple jeans and cute shirt - that can be pulled off as sexy or cute. Just depends on the attitude.

Hmmm. I'm going to have to change my answer after talking it all out.

I say sexy is in the attitude, not physical.
And there you have it. The veritable chicken vs. egg and which looks better in corduroy debate.

(Thanks Dustin, for the blog nibblets)

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Our yard is finally done! And someday we'll have big strong bushes to fill up the space. heh. It's so naked in the beginning.