Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Lillard

The Lizards are working against me.

I love lizards. They eat spiders. I love anything that eats, maims, or otherwise decreases the numbers of spiders in the world. Ladybugs? My best friends.

My son on the other-hand has taken quite a bit of coaxing to accept lizard's as a wonderful creature that deserves parades and the honor of having libraries named after them for there work in spider population control. About the time I have him convinced that lizard's are an animal to be revered, this week happens.

Saturday C was in a bubble bath and all of the sudden leapt straight up out of the water and landed right in my lap on the floor. He was crying hysterically and screaming "LILLARD! LILLARD! LILLARD! In the BUBBLES!!!! IT GONNA GET MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

Alan and I cleaned out the bubbles (one scoop at a time into the sink. Do you KNOW how long a sink fullof bubbles takes to pop? All day.) and found the baby lizard who had made the unfortunate choice of sleeping in Cortland's green Mega Blox. We convinced Cortland this was a one-time thing and that lizards don't usually come inside to play.

Later that evening Cortland found another baby lizard in the corner of our bedroom where he was playing. "THE LILLARD!!!!!!!!!!!!" Notice that lizards have now taken on a title. The Lizard.

Moving right along to this morning about 3AM.


We slept the rest of the night in the guest room and The Lizard has now taken on the same power over Cortland that spiders have on me.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Can Come Back to Life!

Cats. The women in my family are cats. No one will ever be able to convince me otherwise.

My 89 year old Grams had knee surgery today and came through that wonderfully. It was only after she had been in her room a bit that she coded. She stopped breathing and after they brought her back she was unresponsive to pain and wasn't waking up. She coded a second time and poof, she was all of the sudden able to answer questions by blinking and was able to make fists with both hands.

She is still on a ventilator tonight because the doctor said that with the broken ribs from the CPR a ventilator would make it more comfortable to breath. The doctor also said that she would have NEVER thought this would be the outcome. That my Grams is a crazy-strong miracle. (paraphrased)

1st my mom and now my Grams. Cats. I think I'm going to take up skydiving since I know that I will live through anything!

BTW - Alan said he was not worried. "Grams is a tough old bird and nothing can keep her down. A German tank." He loves her!

If you would like to send a card my Grams, Eileen Roehl,  she is at Pratt Regional Medical Center, 200 Commodore, Pratt, KS 67124.
This picture was taken Spring 2012 with Joycelyn and Joy. Joycelyn is the little girl my Grams babysits.
Uncle Butch and Grams 09/11

Friday, June 1, 2012


Not a reference to C, just interesting.