Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Idols

I admit it, I watch American Idol. Now I wouldn't generally torture you with a critique of the show but the contestants are singing songs by Neil Diamond. Neil Diamond trumps all. I love him with the fire of many suns.

***Off topic - One of my favorite memories of my mom...***

When I was 23ish and my mom was a nun, I met my parents at some festival so I could hear her perform with the other nuns. We decided my mom would ride back with me to their house. (If I was a true southern girl I would have said I carried my mom back to her house.)

We got into my car and my mom's face lit up. "Neil Diamond! I love Neil Diamond!" I looked at her like she was 1/2 cracked and told her we were listening to U2.

From that day on, every time I hear a U2 song it sounds just like Neil Diamond. Try it. Go pop Zooropa into the CD player and see if you don't hear it too.

***Back to American Idol***

David Archuleta needs to go home just on principle. That little twit managed to make the song America sound like he was performing in a bathroom. Hollow! He ruined it and aught to be beaten! I put my fingers in my ears and la-la'ed until Alan could fast forward to the end of David E's miserable rendition of one of the most heart wrenching Amway songs ever!

I listened to Jason Castro mumble through Forever in Blue Jeans because I couldn't actually hear him over my own crooning. And since the only good part about Jason is his stunningly handsome face, well, best of both world right there! Can't hear his annoying voice, I get to sing one of the best songs in the world AND eye candy. Would that be best of three worlds? Now it's getting a little Star Trekkie in here - Moving on.

Davis Cook. Oh, David Cook. You make me smile and have heart palpitations. He is so good he makes me cry. I swear he was singing All I Really Need is You he was singing just to me. Alan knows not to be jealous because David Cook loses most of his attraction without a microphone in front of his head. It's the weirdest thing. I think it's the shape of his chin. Lose the chin and Alan would have a run for his money.

And just to poke a little fun at myself, I learned today that it's not Reverend in Blue Jeans. You have to admit the song is much more interesting with a reverend in those jeans all throughout the song!

Monday, April 28, 2008

An appeal to everyone. I need assistance!

I need help. This is really important. Are you listening?

I need to find out where I can get the orange syrup that Perkins serves.

This is very important. Alan is not getting how important this is, even after I splattered him with a few drops of water from my empty cup as he was shooing me out from in front of his computer.

Now it may be tangerine or apricot and not orange.

Anyone want to go to Perkins with me for breakfast tomorrow?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Well lookie there!

We DID feel our 1st earthquake! How cool is that! Here's the report from the National Earthquake Center -


Geographic coordinates: 36.500N, 89.530W
Magnitude: 1.8 Mcd
Depth: 7 km
Universal Time (UTC): 26 Apr 2008 13:09:27
Time near the Epicenter: 26 Apr 2008 07:09:27
Local standard time in your area: 26 Apr 2008 07:09:27

Location with respect to nearby cities:
7 km (5 miles) ESE (105 degrees) of Marston, MO
10 km (6 miles) S (177 degrees) of New Madrid, MO
10 km (6 miles) SE (141 degrees) of Howardville, MO
159 km (99 miles) NNE (14 degrees) of Memphis, TN
245 km (152 miles) SSE (165 degrees) of St. Louis, MO

event ID : NM hwb0426a

This event has been reviewed by a seismologist
For subsequent updates, maps, and technical information, see:

Shaking Windows

I keep checking the earthquake website to see if there was another quake near us, but nothing is showing up, yet. Grace woke us up barking at the shaking windows in our bedroom at about 8:15 this morning. It didn't sound like wind at all.

Or maybe it was a ghost telling us to get up and make muffins!

Monday, April 21, 2008

8 Week Ultrasound

The doctor said the baby is growing right on schedule and that everything is looking great! The heartbeat is 163 and the baby is growing its little arms and legs.
The baby is the size of a pinto bean and is standing on its head! Little gymnast!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Grace is 5 today! Everyone be sure to send best wishes to the Birthday Girl!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Grace after a rough night out on the town.

The mailbox. Also, apparently, after a rough night out on the town. Nothing screams "PLEASE PAINT ME" like posting something ugly on a blog.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Friday we saw the baby's heartbeat! The doctor said that baby is measuring on schedule and all of my levels look really good. I go back for a 2nd ultrasound on the 21st and then I'll be released to a regular OB. Released and not considered high-risk. Yay!

Even better, I get to start weaning off my shots starting Monday. This is such great news. I am counting down and as of today only have 4 more to go.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pickles and Ice Cream

I wanted Chick-Fil-A for supper, but Alan said we were having hamburgers since we already had meat and buns. I told him I would just eat Vienna Sausages instead, because hamburgers did not sound good at all. Blah.
If you throw up Vienna Sausages your husband will go get you Chick-Fil-A.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Alan gets to stick this needle in my hip every day. It's progesterone to make my lining thick. This medicine is one of the main reasons I had to get skirts to hang out in. I get these painful, hand-size welts from the shots. Wearing my jeans hurts.

Shopping Shopping Shopping

I went shopping.