Friday, December 2, 2011

My Review - 9 Years Later Than the Rest

I'm a read-the-last-page-first kind of girl. Usually only with suspense thrillers because, really, who wants to spend a whole book falling in love with a character only to find out that love was misplaced because he killed all of those children and/or family pets? I mean seriously, If I'd followed my tried and true method of book reading with Harry Potter we could have avoided that whole Dobby fiasco. You there Tanya? Remember the hellishness of that dark time? Only a plate of sugar got me through that.

So when I started watching The X-Files on Hulu I only got through season 2 - episode 5 before I got all itchy to find out how that whole "The Answer is Out There" thing wrapped up. Huh. That's my reaction to that. Huh.

Does anyone else wonder if that Doggett character and the brown haired lady-agent felt a little slighted by the show finale? Do you think they knew all along that they would never really belong to the cast? That even long gone, Maulder and Sculley would not just overshadow but literally take over the storyline like they never left? That the writers wouldn't even bother to let us know if the replacement characters made it out of the desert? I hope they read the last page of their script so they weren't devastated to find out how inconsequential they really were.