Sunday, October 28, 2012

Give Mia Kiss!

Binky Detox fail! We're not ready to give it up yet. Sanity in the Christensen house rules again. I finally have a name for myself for Sticky. He calls me Mia. As in I say, "give me a hug!" And there you go. Mia. The name thing has been a struggle for a month. I felt uncomfortable having him call me mama or mommy. I'm not either of those things and as reunification is the plan, I think it would be inappropriate. We tried Mimi for awhile, but that didn't feel right either. Too old sounding. So Mia it is. I like it.

And in other news Cortland is doing great! He turned four last week and talks and talks and talks... And he tested in the average range on the Peabody test for his neurological stuff! Yay Cortland! He has worked so hard and is amazing. He has gotten to drop down to OT once a week and his new goals include pedaling a tricycle and swinging by himself.

Swim lessons were a smashing success. He will now lay on his back in the bathtub to rinse his hair. He thinks if feels neat when the water fills his ears.

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Brightfield Farm said...

it was LAST WEEK???? Holy oprah i am either a week late or a week early. And that is terrific news about his strides. He is a tough and wonderful little guy. So. you have a sticky and a alan going to be rem? heh heh
i love you guys. call me.