Saturday, February 25, 2012

Going to See the Dinos!

We got to tour the Billings Productions warehouse where many of the dinosaurs are created that we see at zoos and museums all over the world. Thank you Nik, Cody and Lauren for this amazing experience!

Nik told us that many of the dinos that come in for repair are missing teeth because people steal them.

This picture is deceptive. Nik and Cortland are actually standing right next to that T-Rex on the left. It's HUGE!

Cody hanging out with the raptor

When finished this unpainted mold will roar and move. Cody said it takes five artists 2-3 days to airbrush the dinosaurs. The attention to detail is amazing. Everything is thought of down to the polished eyeballs.

Evie, Ethan and Cortland with a baby
Oh, the carnage!
I wanted C to put his head in there; or at least look at me from between its jaws, but he would have none of that!

Alan wasn't chicken! 

Nik Billings

After the fun

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vestibular Spinning Board

This is what we do a couple of times a day. This is obviously 1st thing in the morning if my hair is any indication.

We spin Cortland on his back counter-clockwise to help with his speech. And the side spin is done with C facing into the spin  and we can go either direction as long as he's going forward. This affects his vestibular system and helps with balance and coordination.

He actually asks to be spun now which leads me to believe that along with the obvious improvements we've seen, the spinning also makes him feel better.

Alan's dad made the board with 1/2 plywood cut to 38"x 24". He purchased a wooden lazy susan from Big Lots and then replaced the spinning part with one purchased from Home Depot that is rated up to 500 lbs. I then cut the corners off and covered with upholstery fabric over several layers of quilt liner.

I've never seen my actual expressions when trying to understand what Cortland is trying to say. Just so you know, I must make those faces a whole freaking lot since lately he's always trying to say something.