Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cortland and his jazz hands!

 Dr. Rosenthal, Cortland's functional neurologist, has assignments that are already starting to help.

  • One of his things we are doing is dancing to jazz. He said Cortland's brain over thinks processes and jazz puts it in order. Dr. Rosenthal has weird exercises, but great results!

  • Spinning to the right resets his brain.
  • Walking forward while talking about future events, and backwards when talking about past events.
  • And my homework is to tape a giant calendar month on the ground so he can use his whole body to figure out time passing.

It's interesting and I understand it and see the results in practice, but have no idea how it works!


Brightfield Farm said...

i LOVE these things!!!!
You are the best mom ever!

Haniye Asghari said...
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