Monday, September 24, 2012


They are cute so we will continue to feed them in the morning.

We have _____ (no blog name yet) in our house right now because Marla has Strep. _____ (no blog name yet) misses his Mommy (our niece) and his Great Grandma (Alan's Mom.) (Now Marla, don't get in your car and swoop over here. We'll be there at 1, promise!) (And he's eating breakfast right now and talking up a storm, so no lasting harm from missing his girls.)

_____ (no blog name yet) got a pretty good nights sleep as long as I held him in the rocker all night long. I think I slept a little because 7am seemed to come pretty quickly. I forgot how nights with a baby was. Oh, wait, I didn't have nights with a baby. I had nights with Cortland and he was a sleeping champion.

I love this baby. I love his smile and his giggle and yes, even his crying. He's so precious. It's good to have a little one in the house again.

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Brightfield Farm said...

you're the very best mother of everyone! we demand pictures...maybe you could put sunglasses on him til he gets his blog name.